Fill That Gap

Our mission is to make qualified and experienced healthcare professionals available wherever and whenever they are needed.

Where do we work?

Our partners in India vary greatly from each other except in one important aspect: they offer incredibly rich volunteer opportunities to work in an exciting country with inspiring people.
The resilience of the people of Bangladesh is humbling, and our partners offer unique volunteer opportunities to work alongside local people and provide healthcare in urban sites as well as hard to reach areas.
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How does FTG work for medics?

register match mission
Step 1: Register Step 2: Assessment & matching Step 3: We arrange your mission
To apply please send us an email at and we will send you our registration form. Following your evaluation you will be matched to suitable missions. After agreeing your placement we arrange your travel...

Let your mission begin!

How does FTG work for healthcare NGOs?

partnership needs gap
Step 1: Partnership Step 2: Anticipate HR needs Step 3: ...and Fill That Gap
Following your registration as a member of FTG we agree our partnership We assess risks in your human resources for health... ...and address any short term vacancies by providing personnel according to your needs.
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